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How do I change the DNS (domain name server) entries for my domain name?

Part 1: If you registered your domain name through AllWebCo:

1.) Go to

2.) Click on "Account Login"

3.) Enter your login and password you used/received when you registered the name.

4.) Click on "Name Servers" on the little bar on the top of the page (or you can scroll down and click on the link that reads "Manage Name Servers"

5.) Enter the new primary and secondary server hostnames (names only, the system will lookup the IP numbers associated with the hostnames.)

6.) Click the "Save Configuration" button under the hostname blanks.

7.) Log off of the system, and wait 24 to 72 hours for the changes to be completed.

That's all there is to it!

Part 2: If you registered your domain name with anyone other than AllWebCo:

Since there are now so many different companies registering and controlling domain names, it's impossible for us to list specific instructions on how to accomplish the change through each company, but hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Please NOTE: There is next to nothing that we can do to help with your domain name unless and until it is transferred to our registrar. Other registrars will not, and rightfully should not, allow us to act on your behalf or change anything for you, whether it's your admin email address, or name server entries, or anything else. In fact, if you're having trouble getting a name pointed to us, we won't even know it unless you tell us, so please let us know. We might be able to offer some helpful advice or point you in the right direction if you let us know you're having trouble.

If you are moving your site to our servers from another hosting company, you will need to change the DNS (domain name server) entries for your domain name. (sometimes referred to as NameServer entries)

NOTE: You should first upload your site's current pages and files to the IP address you received from us when you ordered. You do not want to change your NameServer entries until you have finished this, because your domain name will point to a site with no pages, causing down-time for your site. (an IP address can be used like a domain name, so you'll upload your pages using that, and then when the NameServers are changed, your domain name will point to your new site with us.)

To work with our hosting services, the NameServer entries should be pointed as follows:


Depending on where you registered your domain name, and you are lucky enough to have a web based control panel where you can make these changes yourself (as we provide our registration customers), this should be an easy change to make. Just go to the registrars site, login to your control panel, and look for the controls to the DNS, NameServer entries, Hostnames, Netaddresses, or Name Servers. Normally, you will only need to enter the names (above) but if you need the IP addresses, they are as follows:

Primary Name Server
Primary Server Hostname.........:NS.ALLWEBCO.NET
Primary Server Netaddress.......:

Secondary Name Server
Secondary Server Hostname.......:NS2.ALLWEBCO.NET
Secondary Server Netaddress.....:

If you do not have a control panel, you'll need to contact the registrar, or hosting company that registered the name for you, and request that they either make the changes for you, or tell you where to make them yourself.

If you do not know who the registrar is for your domain name, you can look it up by looking up your domain name here: (click on the "[CLICK HERE to see owner]" link to view the registration information)

Many hosting companies resell domain names through assorted registrars, so if you ordered a domain name through a hosting company, it's possible that you'll run into a situation where you'll need to contact the hosting company rather than the registrar.

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